Brad connected me to my core wounds through his ability to intently listen and connect me rhythmically to my own physiological state and cadence.  Brad opened up the flood gates for me and allowed my body to circulate in a way that it was intended, which invited me to connect to my self in a deep way.  I was free and could see the relationships of my trauma to my body, and how I need to follow my own rhythm and heart.  Brad invited me to breathe and to experience my emotions thanks to his guidance and unconditional love.  I find the more vulnerable I have become the less guilt and shame I have felt.  Each session has helped me cognitively understand the feelings and emotions that are from within.

I highly recommend this modality and facilitator, Brad you are the man.

                                              - Dave F.


The last year and a half has brought a lot of joy and trauma to my small family.  We've lost multiple loved one's and prior to meeting with Brad we received some tough news regarding my partners health.
I came into the appointment with a lot of darkness, anger, sadness, and grief.  Brad's guidance, with his ability to listen, mirror, and translate what was being communicated, facilitated the opening of these wounds.
Brad provided a safe space for me to get angry, to cry, and to feel the utmost warmth.  He took these dark feelings and traumatic events and turned them into joy and releif by connecting me to my emotions.
I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels blocked, or stagnant, with the experiences that are happening within the world around them.

                                              -Client name not disclosed


I slowed down, rlaxed, and started to notice and release tension in my body.  I liked the feeling of being able to explore safely anything I needed.

                                             - Robert Z.


The journey that Brad has taken me through has been enlightening!

I look forward to each session we do because it brings me in touch with myself more each time.

I really feel like I'm growing and becoming more in tune with my family.

I've never been afraid to talk about my issues in life but the sessions have helped me really put my finger on whats going on ,and breakthrough the things that are holding me back.

I'm really happy that I took the step to reach out to Brad and I feel that he is very competent in the work he does. 10 out of 10!

Thanks for everything Brad!

                                              - Anthony





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