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Is it time?  Is pain getting the way?  For well over a decade I have worked with hundreds of people suffering from emotional pain and physical pain triggered by trauma.  In almost all situations, this pain has resided in their body for generations.  This is often caused by "stuck energy" caused by earlier wounding or the imprint left by a wound.  If the "stuck energy" remains stuck, then it can lead to more severe issues like depression, anxiety, disconnection, and emotional instability.   Many people that I have worked with over the years report feeling a block or barrier in moving forward in their lives.  These blocks often form as a protective measure to avoid emotional pain.  In my practice, we work to release and reconcile these energies creating a sense of freedom and capacity for more life. 

Stepping In is the hardest part

We have something in common...  We both want to feel our vitality and passion.  We want to leave something meaningful behind.  We crave to be seen, heard, and respected.  We have an inner need to belong.  The work that I do with my clients, and in my workshops, is experiential in nature giving participants a unique perspective of their inner selves and of the world that they live in.  With inner challenge comes outer change, the outside world actually feels different.

As a Somatic Coach my goal is to help you get more in your body.  Using body awareness through sensation, emotion, and implicit memory, we can unlock blocked paths that often keep us from moving forward in life.  Each session we create a container of relative safety setting the stage for unfiltered expression and the discovery of new possibilities.  Through this process you will learn to be more mindful of your emotional and sensory states.  With deeper personal awareness, we will work on ways to self regulate your own nervous system creating a larger capacity to navigate life.  This path takes courage, practice, and it requires guidance.

No More Hiding

My passion is working with Men and Women on a one on one basis.  I also work with couples, families, and groups.

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you.
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