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I provide individual coaching sessions with both Men and Women utilizing a unique Somatic approach.  Below is an outline of the specific programs that I offer ...

* 1 on 1 private Somatic Coaching Sessions - 3 sessions / month.  Each session is 1 hour
* Group Coaching Sessions - Groups are same gender with a min of 5 / group.  3 sessions / month.  Each session is 90 min.

I also work with Couples and Families.  Please ask about these possibilities when we do our Free Consultation.
Due to my years of experience with Men's Groups I have trained men with the necessary leadership skills to start a Men's Group in their local community.  I offer specific group trainings for men's groups once a group is set up and established as well.  


Somatic Coaching works with the body, utilizing specific methods to help release stored and stuck energies.  The process involves working directly with the nervous system in a way that builds greater capacity.  So often, people are on the edge of Fight, Flight, or Freeze in our culture.  This "edge" can create an anxious body that is always waiting for something bad to happen.  The impact of hyper vigilant posturing on our physiology can be stress, depression, isolation, and the inability to create meaningful relationships.  Using Somatic Methods, we go directly to the imprints of our old wounds.  This imprint left in our bodies can manifest into patterns and behaviors that block our highest self.  It is important to note that we do not need to spend time on the story of the wound but rather the imprint that the wound created.  The good news is that negative patterns of behavior, blocks, and fears are created in the body as protective measures.  Using a highly facilitated approach, we can uncover these imprints and reconcile them.  

This work is effective in reconciling trauma, inherited family patterns, interpersonal relationships, parenting difficulties, and with building personal resiliency.                                                                                                              

holding fire

The Body Has Always Had A Voice                        Now It Is Time To Listen    


I offer 3 sessions per month, each session is one hour long.   My coaching philosophy is to work for the first 3 weeks of the month (whenever possible) and then allow integration time.  This cadence seems to be a great fit and creates space to embody the work in powerful ways. 

Individual Coaching rates are $750 / month with a six month commitment.   Sessions are tailored to your needs and availability.

Group Coaching Services start at $300 / month with a 3 month commitment.  Session times are fixed.  

Discounts and / or Scholarships may be awarded based on need. Please call to set up an initial free consultation.

Thank you for investing in yourself,


Brad Golphenee
Somatic Coach

[email protected]

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