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As a Somatic Coach I work primarily with the body, utilizing specific techniques and methods to help release stored and stuck energies.  The process involves a soft and intentional awareness of the body.  This work is effective with trauma, old family patterns, difficult interpersonal connections, parenting issues, and with generating self awareness.  We will give space to allow a client's internal physiology to complete old cycles which have been left incomplete.

When the Mind gets out of the way... our body does not lie.

My goal is to give my clients the tools and necessary skill sets to open up their own creative channels to better navigate life.  We will spend time in grounding mindfulness invocations.  We will explore together safe ways to release emotions, open up channels for connection, and how to set boundaries.  We will discover what has been blocking strong creative paths and look for the right tools to be free.  Having experienced this work over the last decade with hundreds and hundreds of men, there are common threads that weave our collective work together.  The good news is that my clients come to understand that most men share these common characteristics.  We all need guidance, release, reconciliation, brotherhood, and witness.  This work can be difficult and hard, but it can also be fun.  Without playfulness and laughter it would not be Men's Work.

I offer sessions, both in-person and on the phone. We will start with an initial assessment and interview.  This is a two way process so please have your questions ready.  Our mutual goals will create a foundation that builds a strategy and framework for our sessions together.

As a Somatic Coach for Men, I specialize in the following areas:

Experiential Methodology
Reconciling Trauma
Family Connections
Healthy Emotional Release

Awareness of the body
Identifying Blocks and Clearing
Healing and Creation Journeys
Honoring Agreements
Defending Boundaries

Assertive Expression
Living in Relationship

I offer an initial 90 day, 3 session / month process.   This level of working with, and through, the body is slow and does take time.  After our initial 90 day program all monthly coaching is month to month with  3 sessions per month.  My coaching philosophy is to work for the first 3 weeks of the month and then allow integration time for my clients.  Then we begin again the following month.  This cadence seems to be a great fit and creates space to embody the work in powerful ways.  Individual sessions and group workshop facilitation is also offered.  Please call to set up an initial free consultation.

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