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What is a Somatic Coach?
A Somatic Coach is a trusted mentor who specialized in working with the physiological "felt sense" of the body. This method creates a larger awareness of emotional and sensory states.  With practice, it is possible to build a sensory awareness of how you are feeling in the moment and then be able to express these states in healthy ways.  The mind is a powerful and valuable tool but it often gets in the way.  This imbalance can result in being disconnected from our bodies, unaware of our emotions, unable to connect with others, feeling fragmented, fearing the future, and disengaged.  I will not tell you what to do.  I will not solve your problems for you. Through Somatic Body Centered Awareness though, I can help you reach a place where the answers to your questions are waiting.  We will leave our minds at the door and avoid the pull of needing to understand.  It is natural to want to know "why" things are happening but we will dive deeper into repressed emotional states to explore new possibilities.  It is possible to be more in your body, to be more present, and to be more emotionally aware.  It sounds simple but it takes practice.  And I will track your progress.

I create relationships within the boundaries of confidentiality, safety, openness, and reveal.  I am passionate about changing old constructs into new realities.  How to be strong and vulnerable at the same time?  How to be sensitive, caring, and clearly set personal boundaries?  How to be terrified in the moment and still take action.  In my sessions, it is safe to feel sad, to feel shame, to feel fear, to feel joy, and to feel anger.  And we not only engage in these states but also find ways to express them in new ways.  As we go deeper into these emotional states we allow old incomplete cycles to complete.  Men and Women today have so many disconnected and incomplete experiences that they become trapped in their own physiology. This affects their daily lives.  It is evident in looking at people that are not in their bodies, disconnected, unaware, and not present.    There is a skill and it takes practice to be in your body, mindful, and have the language available for free expression.   The good news is that this can be learned.  

What types of people have Somatic Coaches?

Those with previous trauma and unhealthy behavior patterns.  People that are in painful life transitions and those that feel that life is weighing them down.  People that suffer from stress, depression, anger, and hopelessness.  Those that are willing to have a new experience.  People that are feeling like something is missing but they can't pinpoint what it is.  Those that want to be better partners, fathers, mothers, co-workers, lovers, and teachers.  

How will Somatic Coaching help?
Our experiential practice includes full emotional expression, speaking what has been unsafe to speak to others, consciously feeling, shifting negative behavior patterns, and much more.  Everything will seem different.  Relationships and connections with others can transform quickly.  As you change, so does the world around you.  What is possible???  Better relationships with your partner and family, showing vulnerability, discovering your assertive nature, feeling nature, helping others, being in the moment and relaxed, celebrating life, and looking in the mirror at a beautiful man.

What happens in a Coaching Session?
Each session is tailored to the client and will vary based on individual needs. In the beginning, we will discuss what you want from this time and what you really want overall in life.  The process follows a foundational principle that  everything is already inside you that is needed for healing and change.  I act as a guide to help you discover what needs to be found.  I have no agenda other than what my client provides.   I have no judgements other than those that I project onto myself.  I assist by asking open ended questions for you to intuitively answer.  And we will follow the energy with intent and purpose.

Do I really need a personal Coach?
The major breakthroughs in my life happened with experienced guides.  It is true that it is easier to see something in someone else than within oneself.  The depth of my practice requires skilled guidance, insight, and witness.  Having witness to major breakthrough processes is being seen in a way that most others have not experienced.  Our sessions will help validate your experience and the change that goes along with it.

Is Somatic Coaching Therapy?
This is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist.   This process is about building new skill sets and utilizing them for self regulation and personal freedom.

What does Somatic Coaching Cost?
The costs will vary slightly based on program selected and I do discount based on income.  Private Coaching Session rate is $750 / month with a 6 month commitment, this includes 3 sessions per month plus outside work.  My Group Coaching program starts at $300 / month.   Call for more information on this program.

How long is each session?
Each session is one hour long.

What is your cancellation policy?
I require a 48 hour notice to cancel a session. Please be sure to contact me if you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment in order to avoid being charged for the session.

How long do people generally work with a Life Coach?
To experience the effectiveness of a life coaching program, I suggest clients make an initial six-month commitment. At the end of the six months, we will evaluate progress and discuss options for continued coaching.  

Is personal life coaching confidential?
What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others. However, our discussions are not privileged for legal purposes. The privilege of confidentiality that exists for the clergy, therapists and attorneys is not granted to coaching professionals. That said, life coaching is a confidential process, and your personal information will always be protected.

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